The Guthrie Deathbed Roll

by Ameriglow



Recorded in the winter of 2015 at Legitimate Business, Greensboro NC.


released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Ameriglow Durham, North Carolina

It's just the static of the afterglow. Being comfortable with yourself, things like that.

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Track Name: Dear San Fran
A morphine drip
Cobble stone and the Brooklyn bridge
Oh give me patience
My fathers throne I wanna sit in it

Your such a tease and you know
That's the easiest way to go
Till you're just like everyone else, till you're just like the rest

It's such a drag
Always preaching bout the old sounds
I wish I had
Have the talent and twice the time

Oh 2 French girls
Speaking tounges on a subway
I'm feeling trapped
Been home for weeks and still ain't unpacked

This place is strange
But it's beautiful anyway

Slow it down
Please slow it down
Track Name: Glitter Zephyr
When exhaling your zephyr as a sigh
The glitter and the glamour pollinates the beat you hike
Such a brilliant illumination you provide
It's a tesla coil, a riot storm, an atomic war

And what do you think is the difference
Is it coincidence
Is it a change
And somehow I discovered it
Hidden in some filthy place

When exhalin your zephyr as a Sigh

And your fingertips make graffiti