Anti​-​americana: Speaking to the unconscious mind of the Southwest

by Ameriglow



This album was created for you at "On Pop of The World Studios" in Greensboro, NC in the early winter months of 2013. Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Randy Seals and Jacob Darden. All lyrical content and musical arrangements by Jacob Darden.


released April 24, 2013

Jacob Darden - Voxtrot box - Axe licks - Arrangments of songs
Randy Seals - Taste bass
Jack Carter - ......shwoop steel
Doug Pike - Heart beat
Harrison Barrow - Dirty organ
Jullian Sizemore - Water organ
Dylan Prentice - axe facts on silent panic attacks
Chad Myers - hard hits on SPA
John Bohlen - Stand up guy, stand up bass
Ben Melnyk - Oooohhhhs
Rebbecca Singer (No thats not her last name) - Angel voices
Liz Scrubbs - Heavenly voices
GSO's finest drunk clapping group

Album art by Eric Moss
Photograph of Album art taken by Kamal Lee and Zach Perlow



all rights reserved


Ameriglow Durham, North Carolina

It's just the static of the afterglow. Being comfortable with yourself, things like that.

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Track Name: Welcome to the U.S.O
Welcome to the U.S.O
properly known for its offended
separate all the vegetables in the soil
cheap Monte salads for black and white homes
And ay hello to your new friend the gate of freedom
i'm always starring at, I never can get past
Cause some things in life the just ain't worth receiving
its a positive push, its a broke ass compass

Well we were
buried in kudzu that Japanese gum
the way it sticks to us
as we lay suspended in its vines
Counting dead bodies all of gods failed crops
how I wish it would stop
then again you come and ease my mind
So meet me at the harvest we'll all collect
our fears in buckets
and drink ourselves half to death
Cause we ain't go a savoir no Jesus Christ
but I can walk a straight line
give me ten more minutes and ill, give me ten more steps

and i'm
still checking to see if that front door is locked
but it don't matter much when there's bombs being drop
in your front yard

The first thing they'll take is the art work and drugs
then radio's and guns
and line us up by the fences
Down were the factories used to be
their all empty
now more smiling, grinding teeth
Do you know how it feels to have people hate you
not for what you do
but for what you simply are

Trading in your modern moccasins
for a pair of steel toed boots and a rifle with a lens
what happened

All that's left now is you and me
us godless freaks
still managing to find beauty
Track Name: Bella Moore
Will someone make a trip to the sink get some water for me please
it seems Bella's since of humor has got me thirsty
She spins around the record nearly the same speed
I beg her to get off that stuff I like her company
But if I mention it, if I just whisper hints, while she's sleeping in the sand
she just crawls into the page she's reading and turns into a clam
Lord knows she don't like taking heat or dealing with the flames
unless she's feeding the fire in somebody else is name

Hear the static cry, it feeds the willow that resides in my mind
it see's the future and what I left behind
Undress the blinds, creation sings its a shedding love on our light
let the sun smile on your skin for a while

Bella Moore what a terrible storm and even more she stole my cellar door
Track Name: Silent Panic Attacks
I'm too stoned i
in the gas station people stare
I'm all alone
I'm always hanging out with myself
ell oh no
lost with now direction or help
your to cloned
take a look at these Brooklyn streets

now we're growing faster then our bones or parents can admit
there were some unlogical statements I omit
I've fallen down the trail no alpha male no dominance
how could we ever compare to their health their wealth or the things they accomplished

now there's a man hanging from the top of a telephone pole
screaming about the great descent to the depths below
preaching you were younger once you still believed you had a soul
your hands are colder now that's harder for you to hold
Track Name: Garage Sale Kids
Well you say I'm lying but i've been trying to call you
it's just that the hip kids rage so loud and the power is out
Do you still believe in fairy tales, in babies born pure, do you still pray in your sleep, does the alarm clock play The Cure
and are you still hanging by a thread taking seven years to get a degree, borrowing money from the feds you can't pay back, we all need utilities
but I just think its sad how we all turned out, so washed up confused, rung out like a towel strung up misused
and you gave your body one hell of a run, the thing you've put it through, flying bullets loaded guns, collapsed lungs tattoos

And its all starting to catch up to me now
the difference between my art work and my bank account
and its all starting to catch up to me now
I'll have a couple more drinks I'm sure I'll figure it out

Are you still licking Pavement roaming through the garage sale hoping to find Polly and her cracker on the shelf
cause I keep kissing my forty cause I'm to fucked up to notice
how to detach that cap from the glass while I'm drinking

And its all starting to catch up to me now
the difference between my habits and my bill of health
yeah its all starting to catch up to me now
It'll take a couple more years I'm sure I'll figure it out
Track Name: An old country song for you and your headphones
The roof its a caving, the house is on fire
but I'm still a sleeping cause your by my side
so if we should perish in this oven of love
just tell me when you've had enough
just shake me and I'll wake up

So unjam the window let the cold front sneak in
my heads still spinning, darling I can't contend
with your distaste for passion that he left you with
remember I'm not him
you know I'll be your friend

Were do you go when you reach in that draw
we're your eyes searching whats that stoned face for
were do you go when the lights are ignored
when we're pressed up
Track Name: Sleepwalking Backwards
Sleep walking backwards now till all your dreams are erased
all those haunting memories, all those ghostly displays
that rot out your brain
taking pressure now under that damn and all its weight
always try's its best to slowly dissipate
it can't distribute the rain
transcend forward, how?, into that foggy misty haze
always try's to pass me by, always try's to kiss my face
I'm laying stoned above the grave

She say's, "I'm paralyzed, darling let it be. All these hallelujah melodies are covering me. Let the wrecking ball and the cranes destroy us. Let this love landslide capsize into lust."

Down in the south in our old farm house you
read children's books from the 1850's
balloons raise of the page for you
our skins don't match, my cloths are tattered
yours are laced to perfection, we make plaster babe
open the door
electricity, in the storm it comes and goes
as for now the candles lit, someones putting on their cloths, oh no
be sure to leave a note

She say's "I'm paralyzed, darling let it be. All these hallelujah lies their killing me. Let the cannon balls and the planes destroy us. Let war landslide compile into dust."

Oh mister machine you killed poor John Henry
Oh miss belief you gave me some fiction to eat
Now it seems my skin well it's embarrassing
no more skin

and now it seems my kin well their embarrassing
no more kin