Feb 12th EP Release Show Ticket + Digital Download Code + Lmtd Edition Postcard Art

from Ameriglow


This is the BEST DEAL if you are attending the show on Feb 12th at NYP. Purchased separately, this is a $12 value, so scoop the savings and secure your entry to the party!
~~No need to pick up physical tickets beforehand. With this purchase, you'll be on "the list".
~~You will receive your postcard art with digital download code for "The Guthrie Deathbed Roll" AT the show. Stop by the merch table and it will be wrapped up and ready for you!
(This is a true release show. The new tunes won't be available digitally until after the live performance. Ya know, so we can all be excited/nervous together!)
~~This offer is for those attending the show. If you are interested in purchasing the digital EP only, that option will go up after the 12th.
~~The show will move fast and on time, due to the tight lineup! We want everyone who wants to be there to see the full show, that's why we have killer bands joining us! Please plan to be on time, for everyone's sake! Also, remember to have your ID out and ready when you arrive so they can check you off the list and verify 21+.
~~For more details on the show and to check out the other bands, visit our FB page and follow the link to the event page. See ya on the 12th!

  $8 USD


Ameriglow Durham, North Carolina

It's just the static of the afterglow. Being comfortable with yourself, things like that.

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